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When will I get better?

This is the question we receive most often and is the hardest to answer.  Each person's history, lifestyle and goals are unique. Your condition did not happen overnight. It will take time to heal. Many people can experience improvement after the first session, and often feel a big decrease in overall pain within the first 5-6 sessions. Our goal is to provide incremental change after every session, facilitating awareness and healing of your body, mind and spirit, moving you towards your goals.

Do you take Insurance?

Leslie Daley is a fee-for-service provider and does not bill or communicate with insurance companies.

She accepts health savings and flexible spending payments and, upon request, can provide you with invoices that can be submitted for reimbursement as out-of-network occupational therapy. You may be reimbursed depending on your plan.


This enables her as a therapist, to work in way that is holistic, empowering and adaptable without being told where and how long to work on an area or to be bound by prescribed evaluations and procedures. You are a unique individual who can expect sensitive and thoughtful care.


Sessions are 1 hour in length.

Current rate is $250 for 1 hour (55 mins)


If you decide NOT to submit to your insurance company, packages are available:

$1200/5 sessions to be used in 2 months

$2300/10 sessions to be used in 4 months

"Working with Leslie has released half a decade's chronic pain in my lower-back and leg. She is intuitive and caring in her approach and has given me the tools and means to care for myself and improve how I feel and function with my body. This is the best myofascial release work I've ever had and am really glad to have found it!"

Micheal T
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