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MFR helps people who have tried other therapies without success or with little results.

Fascial Restrictions

Myofascial Release as taught by John Barnes is unlike any form of therapy today because it focuses on treating the fascia, or connective tissue system, using GENTLE, sustained pressure that reduces the pull of bound tissues on pain sensitive areas, eliminating pain and restoring motion throughout the body.

What is fascia? This long-overlooked matrix is the tissue that holds us together, supporting all structures of the body from head to toe in a three-dimensional, uninterrupted web. In its healthy state, fascia has the ability to stretch and move, but with injury or inactivity, fascia can harden and shorten, creating restrictions and pain.


Myofascial restrictions do not show up on any standard tests like MRIs, CAT scans or X-rays, and often are overlooked or undiagnosed.

I came to Leslie with lots of aches and pains and slowly, I'm noticing more and more of them creep away and not return. I would (and have!) recommended her services to friends and loved ones. Leslie offers a unique and important patient experience, and results have been truly palpable for me, especially after other more conventional methods have failed. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Sarah L. OTR/L

Leslie is an excellent practitioner who attends to her patients' well-being as a whole. I have a history
of complicated lower back pain that was exacerbated by extended hours of sitting in the classroom during graduate school. After only a few brief sessions with Leslie, my pain was gone! She also made it a point to address my mind and spirit during the treatment session, in addition to my body. I would highly recommend her!

Bridget S. OTR/L

The professional legal name of this entity is Leslie Daley Occupational Therapy, PLLC

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