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We treat your entire body, your entire person, not just symptoms or a diagnosis. 

Women's Health

Many women suffering with hip, groin, low back, sacrum, tail bone, bladder or pelvic pain have fascial restrictions in the pelvis. Abdominal or pelvic scars from surgeries such as C-sections, episiotomies, hernia repair, tummy tucks, or traumas can cause menstrual dysfunction, recurring pelvic pain, painful intercourse, frequent urges to urinate, bladder leakage, and irregularity. While fascial restrictions in the pelvic area can cause pain and dysfunction locally, these restrictions can effect other parts of the body like the neck, head and shoulders. Misaligned hips or coccyx from falls, pelvic torsion or childbirth can also cause problems in the sacrum and low back, as well the knees and feet. Pain or dysfunction can show up years after the initial trauma.

Over the years, many gynecologists, urologists, osteopaths, and other medical professionals have recognized and prescribed internal pelvic floor treatment for their patients. Internal work is safe, gentle and effective.

Myofascial release is also effective following breast biopsy, mastectomies, breast reduction or augmentation to eliminate pain and soften scars. Restrictions from scarring can affect the diaphragm and create pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and sinuses leading to poor breathing, posture, and headaches.

c-section scar treatment

Assess Your Pelvic Heath

”Leslie helped me with chronic pain from a physical trauma I experienced over 15 years ago as well as provided care to my cesarean scar from my birth 19 months ago. I came to her in my efforts to prepare my body preconceptually and after our sessions she not only helped me with my physical concerns but also my emotional self. She is gentle, kind, knowledgeable and very supportive. After every session I felt more youthful and energetic! I feel much more like my prepregnancy self and am so glad I dedicated time and money to do this for myself. I highly recommend Leslie!“

Dayna H.

”Leslie Daley is what you would hope every health care practitioner would be like. I came to her with reoccurring pelvic pain, and with her empathy, skilled touch, and ability to see the whole picture, finally felt listened to after so many months of confusion and unease— that resounding “yes!” moment of symptom relief and of hope. Leslie has a keen ability to navigate more sensitive topics around pelvic pain, and with a gentle though intentional touch. She helps you feel like a true participant in your own healing, while gently guiding you with insight and care. I can not recommend her enough. An OT worth celebrating!“

Erica R. OTR/L

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